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Ms Mary is a very experienced helper who has worked many years in Singapore and in other countries. She is very diligent and pro-active in her work. She multi-tasks easily and is adept at taking care of children and the elderly. She is a wonderful cook, who is able to whip up Indian cuisines easily and also Western dishes.

She is very fluent in several Indian languages and is also conversant in English.

She has also a good record of completing her contracts. Ms Mary will definitely be a valuable addition in your household.

Married (47)
Ref: 16-020-IN
Upd on 29-Nov-16

Ms RITCHEL Gutierrez is completing her contract in January 2017. She wants to continue working in Singapore after that and will be available in February 2017. She is eager to find an employer as soon as possiblem even before the end of her contract. This shows her dedication and sincerity in continue working in Singapore.

She is very hardworking, and is presently working without any days off. She is also a great cook who is able to cook Chinese, Malay, Indian as well as International cuisines very well. She is a fast learner and uses initiative to multitask and get the work done efficiently and on time.

She is available for interview now!

Please call 92967806, 68158188 at any time to arrange for an interview.

Married (32)
Ref: 16-025-PH
Upd on 20-Nov-16

Ms Sumarmi is an experienced worker. She had finished her first 2 year contract and is presently back in Indonesia, looking to return to Singapore to work.

She is a humble and conscientious worker, very diligent in her work and takes the initiative to complete her tasks on time. Her off days are negotiable.

To interview her, please call 92967806 or 68158188 anytime.

Married (36)
Ref: 16-023-ID
Upd on 06-Nov-16

Ms Rajewari is an experienced worker, who has just returned to India, after completing her contract with an employer in Singapore.

She is hardworking and conscientious worker, who has great cooking skills. She loves to take care of children and is also able to take care of the elderly. She takes initiatives to complete her work on time and is good at multi-tasking her work.

She will definitely be an asset in meeting your household needs.

Married (29)
Ref: 16-022-IN
Upd on 02-Nov-16

Ms Jovi is an experienced worker who has worked in the Middle East for a few years. She is versatile worker and a good cook. She can easily multi-task her various duties and get the work done on time.

She is now keen to come to Singapore to continue working to support her family back in India. She is willing to negotiate her salary and off days, according to the needs of the employer.

To interview her, please contact us at 92967806 or 68158188 at anytime.

Married (37)
Ref: 16-024-IN
Upd on 08-Nov-16

Ms Susila is an experienced worker. She had worked in Singapore since 2011.

She is a great cook, and besides the Indian dishes, she is able to cook local Singaporean cuisine such as Mee Goreng, Sambal, etc.

She is also very hardworking person and she completes her task on time and responsibly. She often uses her initiative to get things done without the need for constant supervision.

She will definitely be an asset in meeting the needs of your household.

Married (36)
Ref: 16-009-IN
Upd on 25-Oct-16
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